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photoblog image After Third Mainland Bridge - Lagos, Nigeria
Mainland bound...everything looks a bit better up there...but the tenacity of people eking out a living and surviving in such conditions never ceases to amaze. Not that there was a lot of camera shake - well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!....So I don't have Photoshop and have therefore used my Canon Zoom Browser...put a bit more colour in to make that little water garden really lush and brighten up the washing hanging out.... and I've cropped, cropped, cropped..
Veloran from Singapore 2 Jun 2006, 04:22
Overhead shots always look so unusual to me... Were you in a plane or a helicopter? More sharpness would have been nice, but I like how you framed this. Nice one.
Barbara: Thanks. It was from a helicopter. Yes it isn't too sharp, and more apparent having zoomed in and cropped.

Jide Alakija 2 Jun 2006, 09:06
Do you work for an Oil company? These are the kind of shots I remember seeing in my calendars growing up. Niger delta type thing.

Jide Alakija 2 Jun 2006, 09:07
Just read the title....3rd Mainland bridge....okay so I know how this was taken.
Barbara: hmm no real comments (and I had the red schmood thing on)...must be aaaawful....but I cropped, didn't I? didn't I?

Jide Alakija 2 Jun 2006, 09:19
Sorry didn't even thing to criticise the shot. I guess that's because it looked documentary to me and I normally read the story behind it first.

What would Jide have done, well I'm not sure maybe sharpened it abit as Veloran said. I'm not sure I would have taken it in the first place.
Barbara: chacun à son goût ....I guess

E Etomi 2 Jun 2006, 11:50
Wow, it must be fishermen living there. I dont know I can be surrounded by water for too long.
Barbara: the mosquito population would do me in..

Mona 2 Jun 2006, 13:14
Where is this i.e. where after the bridge and where were you?
I like it.
Barbara: Thanks. It was immediately after the bridge, just after the old smugglers house, that is now masked by a big billboard.

Paul 2 Jun 2006, 13:25
Wouldn't want to make my way home along those platforms after a night down the pub! Interesting that the water should appear as black as the oil that earns the country so much wealth that is yet to have an impact on the lives of the people that live there. FYI: The area is called Makoko, it runs along the lagoon coast of Yaba, just around the University of Lagos and it the most impoverished part of Lagos State. The people living there eke out a living as fishermen, but they are strictly speaking unemployed and disenfranchised. Nevertheless, they someone manage to have a semblance of organisation with "street" names, schools and hospitals all to be found within their watery domain. An interesting observation, i think would be the income disparity between the Lagosians living there and those flying above it in chartered helicopters...but then again, i guess the economist in me is speaking and not the artist! And oh!: the "water garden" is a flotilla of water hyacinth, a plague on our inland waterways introduced from Lake Victoria as an ornamental plant. Interestingly enough, it is used in East Africa for all sorts of economic purposes including making paper, feeding poultry and as a source of fuel...down there, it sits in the water clogging up the outboard motors of the locals trying to operate in those murky waters.
Barbara: and there endeth the lesson for the today...

Mona 3 Jun 2006, 08:59
Were you in a copter?
Barbara: yep

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Mona 3 Jun 2006, 09:01
Wow, Paul great lesson, I like your sense of intellect and writing.

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