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photoblog image Three monks
Outside Angkor Wat - these guys had come to get their photographs taken, I presume they had been recently 'ordained'.  I liked the image of the balloon going up at the same time.   I  think it looks as if the trees and the monks have been picked out in colour after editing, but those were the colours in the original. I know I should edit out the photographer in the middle...but I'm still learning how to do that..  
deji77 from Great Britain (UK) 6 Jun 2006, 10:32
I consider this shot rather interesting. However, not too keen on several points:
1. The big one is the featureless sky. You could have taken out everything above the balloon. It would produce a much stronger image, I think smile
2. Don't know, but the horizon doesn't look straight.
3. I think the photographer in the shot is cool. Though not too keen on the tourist walking away. Maybe you could have taken several shots and picked the one in which she appeared to be standing. 3 standing figures in the foreground and background I think would have been nice.
Barbara: Thanks Dej...yes I had intended to go back and cut out some more sky last night...but was out till late. I'll see if I can do something at lunch time. Unfortunately I couldn't get any more of the monks spaced out evenly like that and I was more focussed on them than the tourists in the background.

sk from United States 6 Jun 2006, 11:32
ok heres my feedback, this is good shot, however it has so much more potential.
please read on rule of thirds, it is very very key in photography and I promise it will help u improve. the sky is a bit on the boring side and crop about half of it out. boost the contrast in this shot for more impact. also brighten it up a bit as it seems a bit dull and the details are hard to make out. i hope this helps
Barbara: Thanks for the feedback Asiko

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 6 Jun 2006, 12:45
Asiko and Deji have said most of it. I really do not think it's a good idea to post an image then add " had intended to go back and cut out some more sky last night...but was out till late." This is one of my pet hates. Excuses like that. As I always point out, me not think such comments should be seen. If you don't have the time to present your best effort "THEN DON'T"

You want to learn editing skills well you come to the right place bro. Either try this site or buy any Scott Kelby boo - The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers is an absolute gem. Or you can send emails to members and they are always willing to share their knowledge.

Will not comment much on the shot above, as you have pointed out this is not the real deal so why comment. smile

Told you I do not pull my punches and this is me still being nice smile
Barbara: No comment

E Etomi 6 Jun 2006, 13:17
The red (or is it orange) is a nice contrast from the background. I think the others gave enough feedback. This would have been one cool vacation
Barbara: Phew thanks E! I think I'll put a gentler schMood on my favourites in future. Cambodia was great, though you can get "templed" out.

Mona 6 Jun 2006, 14:25
Wooooow honestly your photos are awesome...I think the beauty is being able to travel around and take different climates/regions/cultures/locations and also the art of taking these pictures of course but well done.
Barbara: Aaah Mona, I needed that! You have a good role within Shutterchance...the ego masseur! Bxx

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 6 Jun 2006, 15:18
Eeecccck have I scared you????? GOOD. Now next time you post a shot, I definitely know it will be the best you can post. Now watch your skills improve.

No more nonsesne about you coming back later and..... smile


Gentler shhs mode.... eeeecck and shock, just actually fully looked at your name, YOU FEMALE!!, eeeccck ooopppsss sorry, the Subster has been nasty to a female? (did I make you weep/cry?) smile

Oh well, since me face doth not look bothered (yup me nasty like that) I do not want to see you chicken out and put up images with "gentler" shhs modes. Hey where is the fun in that. smile


Self portrait please.
Hey the Subster is just hating as you had the chance to go to the far east on holiday and take lovely pictures (I hope) and he didn't smile
Barbara: not sure me like Suby. but all points have been noted

Funkazi 6 Jun 2006, 21:36
Well done girl...I think the picture is warm,evocative and thoughtful !.I am not a photographer (and have absolutely NO desire to become one )but enjoy images.Your picture with the colour contrast and the era contrast (traditional monks juxtaposed with modern air balloon)rocks !
Barbara: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

latest comment
sk from Great Britain (UK) 6 Jun 2006, 21:43
Hello again, I hope u didn't take any offence with my previous comments, i was only trying to help. Its a nice image still
Barbara: Hell no! - you're dealing with a tough old igbo woman. Seriously - I really appreciate the comments or I wouldn't be posting the pictures...I'm just going to try to be VERY careful in future not to offend the Subster!...Oh and I love, if I could produce anything half as good as that I'd be happy. I'll try another Angkor Wat tomorrow, so please don't hold back!

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