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photoblog image Cleaning the temple
I'm daring to put on another Angkor Wat picture - ok hit me with can I emphasise the cleaner more?
deji77 from Great Britain (UK) 7 Jun 2006, 01:15
Loving this shot.
Must say I've seen something like this before on Shutterchance.
Barbara: really? One of Angkor Wat?

idleye 7 Jun 2006, 03:43
idleye says ..... mmmm .. emphasise the cleaner, huh.
Inye is right - not for doing in the PP, that's too late.
At the time (yep, easy to say) perhaps more clicking of the shutter combined with more moving of your feet - that is, changing your point of view. EG getting the cleaner (light) against a shadowed/darker area behind.
Apart from that comment, the image is alright but you might consider lowering the overall brightness of the image (but managing the detail in the lowlights where the carved stuff is) at the same time as keeping the high tones of the monk stable (you might even drop ththe lightness a bit to bring out the folds of his robes) And I think you could crop a bit more tightly (overall, at least) to give the figure more prominence in the image.
Hope this is useful
Barbara: yes this is all useful, thank you, I guess - the moral of tale is to click, click, click. Still just using the Canon Zoom Browser which doesn't allow much editing.

Veloran from Singapore 7 Jun 2006, 08:25
I think it looks good as-is, lovely tones and textures in the stone you've captured here.
Barbara: Thank you!

rosneft 7 Jun 2006, 08:25
Great pic Barbiek
Love the grey and green grainy feel of it. Makes it feel ancient and eternal. Keep up the good work.
Barbara: Spasibochki!

skee from skeetown...the place to be 7 Jun 2006, 09:00
... Sis, apart from drawing a large red circle around the cleaner and writing, sun chen, occupation cleaner, I think there's no other way! smile

Seriously though, Its fine as it is, composition and tones gives it a special mood.... keep it up!

Welcome to skeetown, opps....shutterchance I mean, (I can here the shutterchance police blowing their whistles, wait a minute, i'm the commisioner ;-) ) Have a great day!
Barbara: Yeeha! A thumbs up from Skee... I am having a great day!

E Etomi 7 Jun 2006, 09:57
Good job! I think you've emphasised the guy enough
Barbara: Thank you

sk from United States 7 Jun 2006, 09:59
Auntie Babara, this is very good, the shot is fine as it is. Sometimes shots work well when the subject is in an environment where he relates too. This is one of those shots. The environment is not overpowering him. I'm sure someone else can explain it better. Anyway a very good shot, ur best so far
Barbara: wow! ta!

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 7 Jun 2006, 10:34
After yesterdays shot, brave woman that she is, she posts another shot from Angkor Wat, what a woman. Either she knows something I don't or she is a glutton for punishment smile In this case it seems she KNOWS something the Subster didn't. That she can take STONKING SHOTS.

The shot immediately earns this "tough Igbo woman" a coveted big fat "I LIKEY" from the Subster (okay bask in the glory while it lasts smile, give me another stonker and plenty more I likeys will follow )

Darn girl, you sure this was taken by the same photographer as this is in a different league smile. For me this shot is absolutely PERFECT. I could not explain the perfectness any better than Asiko has so I will steal his words, "subject is in an environment where he relates too", "environment is not overpowering him".

This is definitely your bestest(new word) ever. I love the composition, you caught the shot at the perfect moment. What PP did you do to this shot? Impressed. Now folks (including Suby) this is how a master piece looks.

Well done girl.

Told you I could be nice. All I need is a wonderful shot smile
I duff my virtual hat off to you Madam for sharing such a lovely shot with the world.
Barbara: Now I am scared...what on earth can I put on tomorrow?! The pp is still rather basic, I'm still using the Canon Zoom browser and I just cropped to obey the rule of thirds (as Asiko advised yesterday) and then upped the contrast

Mona 7 Jun 2006, 10:38
Hmm in response to your question I dont know how else but great shot anyways.
Barbara: thanks hon

deji77 from Europe 7 Jun 2006, 13:09
Barbara: aha!...yes...I have some pics on that level of the temple as well. It really is a photographer's haven.

chunter from Great Britain (UK) 7 Jun 2006, 14:40
If - repeat, if - you needed to emphasise the subject, you could, it has alrady been said, wait or move umtil the man was against the shadows between the pillars.

But, (as has also already been said), I don't think you need more emphasis. The man blends in with his surroundings and it's sometimes necessary to make the viewer work to see what it's all about.

This is a classy image in anyone's book.
Barbara: Ta!

Nkxq from United States 8 Jun 2006, 00:04
love the lighting and composition of this shot. Well done. Good on ya for posting another shot of similar subject after Subster's harsh comment! wink you go sista
Barbara: Nne, odiro easy..

latest comment
debola from Nigeria 8 Jun 2006, 10:32
Lovely work here...dont know how I missed this yesterday
Barbara: Thanks...I guess the thumbnail isn't that exciting...

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