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photoblog image In the shade

I hate to admit it, but  don't you think French women just have such an innate sense of elegance?

skee from skeetown...the place to be 8 Jun 2006, 01:18
Head is a bit low in this one so it kind of un balances the composition, showing more body would have neutralised this. I personally would have included a hand(s) cos they tend to add more of the subjects personality! Cheerssmile
Barbara: Now you mention, the arm does look "stumped". I'll play around with the cropping. Thanks!

Will 8 Jun 2006, 01:58
I hate to admit it but you are correct, they do have an innate sense of elegance.

I like the shot, I don't think you needed to add a hand for personality, partly because my eyes never left the focal area.
Barbara: You know, deep down I was hoping someone would contradict me with a "'s just an outdated myth"..hey ho

Jide Alakija 8 Jun 2006, 08:39
I'm not going to join the arguement about adding hands, feet, hair, tree, hat, mat, grass, distracting red thing in middle, root.......blah blah, blah....GREAT SHOT, FINE FRENCH WOMAN!
Barbara: Gosh! just noticed the red "thang"!

Mona 8 Jun 2006, 10:29
I think they do. And, French women don't get fat upon all the crepes.

Barbara: I think they leave the crepes ("crap") for the tourists!

sk from United States 8 Jun 2006, 11:46
she is elegant and U have captured her well. I think U should include her toe nails as well LOL, well done Miss Kalu
Barbara: When I become a master at Photoshop...I'll even paint them on!

attah from Great Britain (UK) 8 Jun 2006, 12:51
nicely done barbiek. Mona, I really think they do get fat but the french govt hide all the fat ones indoors. You're in red schmood so I would add that it feels claustrophobic.. only a tinny bit!
Barbara: Now I like that theory. Claustrophobic because of the framing, or the business in the background? maybe less depth of field to blur out all the stuff behind? maybe?

Reza from United States 8 Jun 2006, 16:19
"You can never go wrong with a picture of a pretty girl"

Elegance is the best word for this image. She really really does look elegant. Smooth job.
Barbara: that's the secret eh?
Thanks Reza

The Maven from Great Britain (UK) 8 Jun 2006, 16:48
It's quite an elegant and proud pose. With a tinge of a snobbish smirk (not in a negative way). I quite like it.
Barbara: Thank you Duane, now I await the Subster attack...

latest comment
Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 8 Jun 2006, 16:50
Suby looks at this image for the upthenth time today, should he post a commet? Should he go "postal" on Miss Kalu's obviously (and I am hoping) behind?

Ummmmmmmm Naaaa, okay maybe, but this is a lovely image Suby, yes there may be some flaws but aaaaahhhhh (see what tsalking to yourself does to one kids).

Okay I promise I will hit you back with my comments later this evening. Cross fingers and maybe I will be NICE smile

Barbara: Oh Go on... I can take it...tell it like it is (well you think it is)

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