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photoblog image A sunny day in the castle prison

Alright photo professors.... so far untouched.  I've got the weekend to try and get to grips with this PS softwaaaaamaaaaaare...What would you do to this? Or it's not worth the bother? note to Suby: this is not an excuse, rather a polite request for advice. 

Actually I may just feel  a certain empathy with the former residents of this place, if I spend any more time indoors!  So feel free to be brutal...I'll just go off for a barbie.  Have a great weekend!

Steve from Great Britain (UK) 10 Jun 2006, 16:49
PS is very definitely worth the bother, but don't reckon on mastering it in a weekend. It's more of a 'life's work' smile

For me, this shot is out of balance - too heavy on the left side, only a smidgeon of frame on the right side. I find the slanting bars a bit disturbing too. You may be able to lift the shadows a bit to pick out some detail, or maybe if you get another chance you could try a bit of fill-flash. I like the highlights on the sea.
Barbara: Thanks for the advice Steve, really what I meant is, is it worth the bother on this shot?..I DO realise that PS is worth it. What IS fill-flash btw?

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 10 Jun 2006, 21:37
Okay now Shutterchancers. Suby is back so all who dare go red shh mode beware.

I like Barbeik, trying to appeal to the tutor in me. Wanna learn? You come to the right place, although as Steve as pointed out, mastering in a weekend, naaa. Me still learning and some misguided people out there actually think I am excellent with the program (I wish)smile

One thing I have found out is the more I learn about CS2, the less I actually use the techniques on my shot. I want to get it right 1st time. I only use CS2 to ENHANCE my shots.

What could you have done on this shot. 1st thing, download picassa (yes I know it is spelt picasa) and use the straightning tool to correct this shot (no excuses bro).

Secondly you either could have gone 2 ways with this shot. Captured a symmetrical ammount on both sides of the window, OR capture the bars looking out into the sea.

As to what PPing needs doing to the shot after it has been retaken, I will say it is up to you depending on what and how you would want to ENHANCE the shot. But 1st of all ask yourself, "is it necessary"

I am constantly reading up on photoshop tecniques (my only read for my honeymoon was a photoshop book). So I will say buy any books that you think may help or assist you (Skott Kelby books are very good).

Vist websites that have tutorials, I find a very informative one is


I am still watching a few of you guys in here are starting to slack thinking you can get away with a few duff shots here and there. Well Suby is just lookijng for someone to make weep/cry (sorry constructively critique their work) So all I say is "PLEASE MAKE MY DAY PUNKS. POST A DUFF SHOT"
Barbara: Thanks prof...please continue the attacks - I'm finding it all very educative, but do stop calling me your 'bro'(I'm not in any sense of the word!)wink

Steve from United States 11 Jun 2006, 09:31
Barbara, as you asked, I don't really think there's a tremendous amount going for this shot anyway - there's no real point of interest. Maybe if you'd been a bit lower so you could see the horizon through the bars with perhaps an interesting building on the skyline it would be stronger.

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Mona 12 Jun 2006, 11:32
Wow! Suby certainly knows his still likey maybe not in B&W though smile

Barbara: he he..It's not in B&W!

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