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photoblog image Colleague - 1

I had an idea to get everyone who works for the company on an internal website with close up photographs and stuff about themselves.  In taking the photographs - Some were obliging, others very reluctant and the rest were just caught unawares - it was interesting to see the reactions.

On PP -  I wanted to try and do something that I've actually now seen Asiko did a while back - which is leave a slight colour in the eyes....How is this done?  I just removed the red and green channels on this.

Steve from Great Britain (UK) 11 Jun 2006, 00:23
To leave colour in the eyes (or indeed anywhere), use a channel mixer adjustment layer to make your monochrome. Then paint in some black into the adjustment-layer layer-mask. That prevents the adjustment layer having any effect for the bit you paint, so the colour underneath comes through. You can vary the effect by changing the opacity of the brush that you're painting with.

BTW. The blue channel is the least flattering for skin tones - it shows up all the blemishes.
Barbara: I'd be lying if I said I've really understood that!...but I'll print it off and refer to it, as I try! I liked the way the blue channel showed up the collegue may not tho..I guess.. (Thank you too!)

Matt Frederiksen from United States 11 Jun 2006, 00:27
One thing that I have found helpful in deciding which channels to use is viewing each channel individually to find which looks best and use it as a base then subtract and the other channels until I am satisfied. I find mixing red and green to be effective
Barbara: Ok, Matt I'll try that. ta!

Suby from Miilton Keynes, UK 11 Jun 2006, 00:43
Red shhs mode, duff conversion to monochrome. Eeeccck is this heaven or what?

But wait, the bro wants to learn, be fair Suby. Okay will be fair.

But hold the presses, didn't the Subster provide this bro a link to a site that anwers the question he is asking about colour seperation in his post yesterday? Let me check...

After trip to post yesterday, YES I DID. HUGE SIGH!!!!!

I will be fair okay, but you know what if you DO want to improve, you need to do a lot or reading, research and work when it comes to editing your shots.

Reading what Steve wrote, I undersstand what Steve is getting at, however if I had read this when I was starting to get my head around the nightmare that is Photoshop, my reaction would be "HUHHHH!!!" I bet my bottom dollar that is the reaction you had when you read this.

There are a few ways to achieve the effect you want, Steve's is just one. The thing is one has to learn ALL the dofferent methods and know when and where to use them.

I like this shot. I totally dislike the conversion to monochrome.

Barbara: Prof/'Bro' - your link maybe did have an answer to colour seperation...but Rome wasn't built in a day.. At least you like the's a start..

sk from Great Britain (UK) 11 Jun 2006, 07:37
nice shot, I am happy ur really improving on shutterchance. As Steve said its all about using layers
Barbara: You're a diplomat right? wink

sk from Great Britain (UK) 11 Jun 2006, 07:38
the shot is a bit dark, and I think it may have to do withe conversion, I don't think u should have removed the red channel completely.
Barbara: you know I seemed to be able to remove the channel completely or not at all...better get back to PS!

Steve from Great Britain (UK) 11 Jun 2006, 09:26
Sorry to baffle you - layer masks are quite challenging until you've tried them a few times, but then they will all become clear. I don't know what link the Subster posted yesterday, but I found this with a quick google: Hope this thing interprets my html ok.
Actually, I agree with Suby - I think this could be a really good shot if the monochrome conversion was done well.
Barbara: Thanks Steve - couldn't get that link..but I'll google around...

Nike 11 Jun 2006, 17:41
Nice one Barbie, would be interesting to see the same picture without the blemishes.
Barbara: Hi Nike... Yes I'll post this again, when I've done all my photoshop reading and experimenting..

Matt Frederiksen from United States 11 Jun 2006, 22:06
One more thing. I know from my day job as a TV engineer that the blue channel is the noisiest channel and that would apply to digital still as well since they both use CCD and CMOS imagers. You should see it even the highest end broadcast cameras if you look at the blue channel it looks as if it crawling with ants. Hope this helps.
Barbara: It does... thanks Matt

Poweide 13 Jun 2006, 16:59
Suby's an idiot. He STILL doesn't realise you're a girl?

Barbara Kalu from United States 13 Jun 2006, 17:15
Shouldn't make a difference!

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Barbara Kalu from Great Britain (UK) 13 Jun 2006, 17:16
Shouldn't make a difference! Should it?

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