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photoblog image Colleague - 2
Another colleague shot... this lady talks and thinks at a hundred miles a minute, it was interesting to capture her in a more dreamy mode.  It sorted reminded me more of a painting...and yes yes...another one to enhance in photoshop.
Sid 22 Jun 2006, 10:20
if that was not a pose i\'m not sure what is. can you not take any natural pics would be what i would normally say. but i must admit it is a nice pic not cause of the photographer but due to the model
Barbara: Sid...I know who you are and I'm coming to get you...only one person writes that badly....

Rosneft 22 Jun 2006, 10:22
This is a very natural shot. I like the strained colours of her face, hair and top. It compliments the day dreaming expression. You should make her your muse.
Barbara: or maybe you...Comrade Rosneft..

Zzzzz 22 Jun 2006, 10:50
It does look like a painting!
I can see this picture in sepia as well, then it would be from a nostalgie series or like memories from the past
Barbara: You think that, Ricardo? I'll let you process it for your photoblog....when you start it!

Steve from United States 22 Jun 2006, 11:39
It's a great look you've captured, but... I think this would be stronger if it had been taken from a lower position - maybe the same level as her head (then the corner pillar wouldn't look like it does). Also, it might benefit if you boosted the exposure, or desaturated it somewhat. My 2ยข worth.
Barbara: Thanks Steve, first comment from a non-colleague and therefore a serious one. I didn't do any processing on this, but will try a bit of desaturation and see what that looks like.

Jackofalltrades 22 Jun 2006, 11:51
I think you've captured her inner despair...
Barbara: You're feeling this right?

Suby from Great Britain (UK) 22 Jun 2006, 12:52
Ummm, okay will be nice smile

As Steve has said, taking this from the same height at the sublect would have been better. The crop of the the top of the head does not work here for me.

This is a very el naturale shot, one does not always get shots like these from friends or colleagues, next time don;'t let amn opportunity like these go withough capturing the best shot you can

Also a little bit of PPing to add a little bit of life to this shot would help, sort kinda of a flat image don't you think?

Nice capture though, it could be better.

Barbara: You're getting soft in your old age...what sort of pp would you do?

neil schneider from Spain 22 Jun 2006, 14:46
Excellent natural portrait, I don't mind that the top of her head is cut at all... catches her nicely unaware of the camera, very difficult to get this kind of shot when the cameras presence is known. But I might crop the right side to the middle of her arm to remove the unsightly column that's distracting the eye without losing the essence of the image.
Barbara: yes that column (bah...offices!) really messes it up, as I tried cropping her arm and didn't like the result..

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Matt Frederiksen from United States 22 Jun 2006, 15:15
Excellent like Neil said, you were able to capture her in a state seemingly unaware it seems of the camera. Like Neil I would lose the post a more square crop maybe, and like Suby said if you get another opportunity try it at eye level. But like the natural tones.
Barbara: Thanks Matt!

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