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photoblog image Byeeee KK!
ex-colleague 3.  What is it that makes people so happy on Friday evenings?
E Etomi from Nigeria 26 Jun 2006, 06:54
You left or she left?
Barbara: She left....but we're sure she will return!

sk from Great Britain (UK) 26 Jun 2006, 07:01
are the reason she left? LOL just kidding, nicely captured
Barbara: Reason she left....we were horrid to

sk from Great Britain (UK) 26 Jun 2006, 07:02
nicely captured portrait of a beautiful lady, i would have liked to see more of her face though
Barbara: yes, she was a reluctant model

Morenike 26 Jun 2006, 09:08
She really does look happy. Nicely captured. Like the crop too.
Barbara: Thanks...V happy....leaving us...

Morenike 26 Jun 2006, 09:16
Mmm... wonder if it's the thought of leaving that's so delightful happy? wink
Barbara: yep

Yevin 26 Jun 2006, 09:37
Wow! What a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady! Great shot but clearly the subject did most of the work for you!!
Barbara: hmmmmm

Sid 26 Jun 2006, 10:01
don't know what it is BK, but you bring out the best in people when your about
Barbara: ahhh.. bless you S.A.

Sid 26 Jun 2006, 10:01
p.s. gr8 pic
Barbara: ta!

Sansu 26 Jun 2006, 11:11
Lovely picture. I agree I would have liked to have seen more of her face. Personally I feel the picture captures more than the one emotion.
Barbara: what other emotion?

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 26 Jun 2006, 11:40
Nice smile, FRAMING?... lets not even go there.

Nice smile smile

Barbara: Suby, Suby, Suby...what are we going to do about you?
What exactly is wrong with my framing?

Suby from Great Britain (UK) 26 Jun 2006, 14:43
Okay, here goes smile

The half shoulder in the shot is to? ..... (place answer here)

Yes I know it was probably taken of the moment, but me thinks one should ALWAYS be more careful when taking a shots, this of the background, how it will impact the shot, most of the time, I see people more concerned about the main capture, the background is also part of the image you know (place a very big HUGE sigh here)

Okay now that the shot is taken this way, what could have been done? Really nothing if the shot rocks your world this way smile but since the Subster is such an annoying gitt, it does not rock his world this way, I would have desaturated the background by about 50% and added some depth to the girl to make her the only focal point in the shot.

As the shot stands, shoulder blue, shoulder white (behind shoulder blue) and annoying face behind girl right are way to annoying and distracting to me. But thats just me smile
Barbara: That's better, much more useful... thanks Subs

latest comment
neil schneider from Spain 26 Jun 2006, 17:05
I liked your last portrait much better. The background upsets me here a bit and perhaps another half turn of her face would be a bit better. She is a pretty girl from this view but I don't think everything came together on this shot although she is enough to take your eye from the background. Just my opinion on this one but you do good work.
Barbara: Thanks Neil...she was being very elusive and Suby is right - the best thing to do is some PP but unfortunately I still haven't mastered the basics on this yet!

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