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photoblog image What the????

Another bit of the London Oasis structure again.  This little fella reflects my sentiments...

In repsonse to most of the comments is a fuller picture


Steve from Great Britain (UK) 28 Jun 2006, 00:15
Sorry Barbara, this doesn't work for me. I want to see the expression on the kid's face and also what he's looking at!

Mask from Europe 28 Jun 2006, 08:27
Wondering what this looks like in color

Nike 28 Jun 2006, 11:03
This one actually works for me unlike yesterdays - The boy is obviously fascinated with what he has seen. It makes me want to go and see it for myself.

E Etomi from Nigeria 28 Jun 2006, 12:08
I want to see more..whats he looking at?

Angela 28 Jun 2006, 12:17
I like todays photo, its all about curiosity. Nike's right you wish you could see what the little one is actually looking at.

Petra from Netherlands 28 Jun 2006, 12:50
Funny photo!! It reflects the boy's curiousity. looking at this photo i want to stick my head into that plasic bubble and look what the man inside is doing

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 28 Jun 2006, 14:43
HUGH SIGH!!!!!!!

Okay on this one I will ask you to do something I always discourage.. CRITIC THIS SHOT YOURSELF.

One thing you seem not to have grasped fully is the art of selling a shot to the viewer.

Your comments "Another bit of the London Oasis structure again. This little fella reflects my sentiments..." Sorry that is just way to cryptic for me to understand, it just ended confusing me even more. i THINK ONE COULD DO BETTER WITH THE TITLE AS WELL.

So want you to do 2 things
a) Critic this shot &
b) Sell it to me.

See I am fair smile
Barbara: Should everything be clear and understood? you think the little boy understands it? It follows on from yesterday...when I said I didn't understand the structure (I am actually beginning to though..)
I believe the title reflects exactly what I'm trying to portray so I'll choose to stick with smile
I don't think you'd want to buy it even if I did try to sell it to you, but I guess that's what makes a market.

sk from United States 28 Jun 2006, 15:58
the fuller picture works better, this one I couldn't fully understand until i saw the original
Barbara: and if you were a little probably wouldn't see the fuller picture would you?

Lennon 28 Jun 2006, 18:01
I really like this picture. I like that we can't see the little boys face as it adds to the fascination. I like to look at a picture and find the answers myself which seems to be exactly what the boy in the picture is doing. It is a wierd and wonderful world we live in and there is so much to look at and question. This is a great example of this. I have come back to this picture several times today and each time I see it in a different light. With regards to Suby the dark cloud of this site I do hope his comments fall on deaf ears although, I must agree with one comment though and that is you should be more creative with your text, allow your words to compliment the pictures you display.
Barbara: Thank you VERY much "Lennon", I'm glad someone feels the same way I do..I'll try and put in more words...although I thought a picture paints a thousand words?
With regards to Suby...I don't see him as a dark cloud...just a passionate teacher, whose thoughts I do appreciate and with whom I will inevitably clash with from time to time. wink

Matt Frederiksen from United States 28 Jun 2006, 19:47
Barbgara, the one great thing about this site and the people here is that we all have different creative visions. We as commenters should be trying to help you to better express your vision rather than impose our vision upon you. That said interesting shot. Teleportation device? futuristic body dryer? Or maybe it's used to process people for alien consumption. I may have taken the photo differently, I might not have. I wasn't there with the camera in hand. All I can say is I like it. It made me think. Now where is my car photogrin
Barbara: Thanks Matt - I was thinking of throwing down the gauntlet and getting all the London (or near london) based photographers to get on down to Clerkenwell and take their shots of this structure!

Cars, cars, cars ...where do I begin...

latest comment
amebo 29 Jun 2006, 04:45
this photo made me stare and stare! anything that brings attention to a viewer - (like it or not) works! look how many comments?! u shld not have show the original sef.! let folks beg for more....
Barbara: You sound I'm racking my brains..

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