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photoblog image Cambodian children
After yesterday's controversial (or as Suby would have it - duff) shot, I've decided to post something tame.  Well I think this is understandable?  No more experimentation for me (for now..)
Matt Frederiksen from United States 29 Jun 2006, 03:37
Barbara, don't let ol' Suby intimidate you. Experiment away. If artists didn't experiment we would still be doing doing cave paintings. Lack of innovation and experimentation leads to stagnation. See Skee's post from yesterday for a fuller explanation. As for todays photo, Great capture.
Barbara: Oh he doesn't intimidate me and as masochistic as this may sound I do actually appreciate most of his comments. Thanks for the encouragement.

Matt Frederiksen from United States 29 Jun 2006, 03:42
One more thing, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the lightbulb and other things we use everyday.
Barbara: 10,000 huh? Long way to go!

sk from Great Britain (UK) 29 Jun 2006, 07:40
never stop experimenting despite what anybody says ( i totally agree with Matt )
Barbara: Thanks Ade

Mask from Europe 29 Jun 2006, 08:43
I love that edison quote, it is sooooo sooooo inspiring.
As for the picture, I cant help but wonder how you manage to get these pictures from so many different parts of the world.
Do you mind telling us a bit more about the history of your pictures ?
Barbara: I've just looked back the archive to count the number of countries! I have not posted these in chronological order, so I guess it does look as if I'm zooming all over the place.

I've posted 7 shots from Cambodia which was a weekend tagged on to a biz trip to Singapore. I guess it's a bit of a swizz as Siem Reap and the surrounding area is very very photogenic. These children were standing around on the outskirts of one of the temples carring plastic bags and looking rather mature for their age.

Other trips in the archive are shots taken on holidays/weekends in Jamaica, Switzerland, south of France and more recently Nigeria (Obudu). Haven't been travelling anywhere very recently (believe it on or not)...hence the pictures of Clerkenwell (and I guess that is a more realistic test of my abilities!)

Mask from Europe 29 Jun 2006, 10:14
Thanks smile
Barbara: Glad to be of service!

Angela 29 Jun 2006, 11:53
Great shot Barbara ! Love pictures of kids as it always manages to capture their innocence.
Barbara: Thanks Angela

E Etomi from Nigeria 29 Jun 2006, 12:04
Barbara: ta

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 29 Jun 2006, 12:07
Eeeck, no more experimentation from Barb??? Noooooooooo, AND IT'S ALL SUBY'S FAULT. God that guy drives me UP THE WALL smile

Hey girl, I love and will always encourage experimenting. However, when my own personal view "says me no likey", I just say it as I see it, not meant to discourage AT ALL, but meant to gear that person to go forth and perfect what they are trying to achieve so as to make that TWIT CALLED SUBY eat his WORDS OR COMMENTS.

Look at it this way, If all the Subster ever said was "cool", "nice", "I like", "oh where did you take this shot?", "like the colours" "wow" when he really did not mean those things but just wants to put up a comment so that Barb or anyone for that matter will visit his blog, how pray tell is that;
a) Going to help
b) Be interesting and funny
c) Make people weep/cry (sorry have a
d) Inspire one out of annoyance at that twit Suby to come up with ones best work.

I actually FORCE people to imrpove because more than anything in this world, I REALLY DO LOVE WATCHING & SEEING PEOPLE DEVELOP in their journey to be better "prosumers".

And most of all, I really do want people to VISIT my blog and judge my own posts with exactly the same eye I judge theirs, offer suggestions and help me progress as I always say, it's all part of my journey to being the "bestest" (and ofcourse "handsomest") photographer in the world.

The ever so nice and eloquent Suby
You know you love this lovable rogue smile
The shot smile
I really like it, reminds me of Sisi's post yesterday (I think). I would have added a little bit of depth to the kids to make them stand out more in the shot, things like adding a bit of contrast, playing with the curves could just add a little something to the shot.

Barbara: To paraphrase Shakespeare - "The lad doth protest too much, methinks."
"Hamlet", Act 3 scene 2 wink

Only kidding - yes I could have added a bit of contrast, you're right and do continue the diatribes, I'm a glutton for punishment.

latest comment
ricke from United kingdom 6 Jul 2006, 12:38
I like the washed out effect of this picture, it conveys the social plight of the children in the photo.
Barbara: thanks...although her red dress was very bright and colourful..I thought that as well...

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