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photoblog image Come on Portugal?

Went to a wedding in Wiltshire on Saturday.  During the drinks after the ceremony , several guests could not resist sneaking out to the field where the cars where parked to watch the England - Portugal penalty shoot out.  It was quite a in full morning dress huddled in and around cars to watch the nail-biting finish.

In all fairness, I believe these particular gentlemen, despite their attire, were supporting England. 

Matt, I do hope this can count as a car shot?


Poweide Koroye 3 Jul 2006, 02:48
Lovely. I mean the car although BMWs are probably the least practical motor vehicles I've encountered ...... and I speak from personal experience.

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 3 Jul 2006, 08:12
Aaaaarrrgggg, Yellow shhs mode, GOT TO BE NICE smile

........uummm,, aaaaaa.... (okay I'm thinking here of how to be nice...))) uuumm....aaaaa...

Okay, in the future think more of the reason you want to capture an image, maybe moving a little to the right would have cut out the cluster of cars far back right(or maybe the car by your right was a hindrance), where is your EXIF data?

Barbara: Yes, Suby it was on the yellow shmood...which you should respect as a shutterchance policeman. FYI I did thin why I wanted to capture the image, as per my initial comment....if I had moved to the right I would not have captured the legs (with the open car doors) which is WHAT I wanted. I used the Canon Zoom browser to crop with removes the EXIF data.

Morenike 3 Jul 2006, 09:09
Nice capture. quite funny. I agree with Suby that this picture would have been better if taken from a different angle. By doing this, you would have been able to focus the shot in such a way that would have made better use of opportunity presented to you by those lovely red stilletos at the back of the car. Get it? men, skirts, (i mean kilts) and stilletos... (yeah, i know, i can be quite dry smile
Barbara: Thanks Nike...I'm not sure what angle would have been better as I wanted to capture the legs at the same time as their profiles.

kk 3 Jul 2006, 13:48
Love the legs, love the shoes, love the champagne! Did not love the match!
Barbara: Of course! Now I'm one step away from winning the sweepstakes...Allez les bleus!

Michelle Lee from Singapore 3 Jul 2006, 15:30
Mwhaha, you guys are good. I did not notice the stilettos until I read your comments. Men in skirt..umm I mean klits got all of my attention tongue
Barbara: Yes...this one is really for the ladies...didn't expect the guys to get it!

Matt Frederiksen from United States 5 Jul 2006, 16:48
It'll do for for me but Joe would like to see something sportier.grin
Barbara: I'm looking Joe, I'm looking...

Jide Alakija 5 Jul 2006, 17:11
LMAO! Very comical! Lovely capture.
Barbara: Thanks Jide!

latest comment
ricke from United kingdom 6 Jul 2006, 12:27
Does not really convey the excitement of the penalty shootout that they watching.
Barbara: okaaaaay...
1. perhaps they're more impartial observers
2. This shot was taken some minutes before the penalty shots were taken..
3. Ok..I'll see if I can post another one DURING the actual time..

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