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photoblog image Goodbye dear friend
My friend's beautiful daughter had just hugged, kissed and said goodbye to her little playmate at the end of a lovely day and then turned round, when I caught this expression...I think this encapsulates the theme 'alone'...if only for a moment, as  I must admit she soon forgot her best friend had gone and that she was by herself... as children are wont to do.
sk from United States 7 Jul 2006, 08:44
awwwwww she looks sad, u have captured real emotion here, well done. thanx for participating Barbara
Barbara: No Ade, thank YOU for choosing the theme..and ignoring all my suggestions wink

Nikki May 7 Jul 2006, 09:24
Awww, what a beauty!

Rosneft 7 Jul 2006, 09:51
Nice n sharp. Sad and a little scared. Good pic BK.
Barbara: Thanks comrade

Nike 7 Jul 2006, 09:51
Don't know where my comments gone but here it is again - I love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks Barbara
Barbara: Phew...big sigh of relief

Sinem from Great Britain (UK) 7 Jul 2006, 11:01
Lovely! Great capture of a very real expression!
Barbara: Thanks Sin

KK 7 Jul 2006, 13:39
Barbara: Even better than Krispy Kremes?

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 7 Jul 2006, 15:17
Awww, she soooo cute.
Barbara: Everytime I try to respond to this disappears...I think this is a sign..

sk from United States 7 Jul 2006, 15:32
suggestions??1/1?1/?!?!??1 what suggestions? oya suggest something now
Barbara: don't you read your e-mails?

sk from United States 7 Jul 2006, 15:51
OK Barbs U win - the next theme is called music. kudos for the suggestion, i must have missed the email my bad
Barbara: ok...oh god...I'm nervous now..

KK 7 Jul 2006, 16:30
Wow that question was like Sophie's choice...But yes she is even better than Krispy kremes.
Barbara: So that's what you'll do, IF you go back to Manchester?! wink

ricardo collison from Great Britain (UK) 7 Jul 2006, 16:59
Wow, the little girls expression says it all, captured beautifully, how did you manage to get the light on her face and blank out the background. ricke
Barbara: Thanks are obviously not aware of my major limitations with Photoshop (old tricks etc), so you won't know how proud I was to finally use the lasso tool (in a very painful fashion) and fill in with black..very trial and error...but I got there.

Visual Vault 7 Jul 2006, 20:01
Barbara... Barbara... come here Barbara... yes, that's it... me.. the child... talk to me... yes... Hi Barbara... I have a secret Barbara... do you want to know what it is?.... I... See... Dead people....

Visual Vault 7 Jul 2006, 21:17
Sorry Barbara, I'll work on the comments for the future.. Or I'll just post them burried in sparklite's blog somewhere and let you know where to look wink

-V V-
Barbara: smile ...k...but it's stuck in my head now..

Deji Famakinwa from Great Britain (UK) 7 Jul 2006, 23:00
WOW! Lovely capture here.
And I am impressed with your PPing. Well done!
Barbara: Thank you very much Dej.
re the PPing:I'd love to say I did something sophisticated but really it was just filling in bits I'd lasso'd!

Idefix from Germany 7 Jul 2006, 23:04
Beautiful capture of one of those precious childhood moments! I like lots! And what a cute kid (And I don't actually "do" kids as a rule....)
Barbara: As I've noticed that you're definitely more an animal lover, I'll take that as a real compliment! Thanks Petra smile

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Jennie from United States 11 Oct 2009, 16:14
Beautiful shot. You captured the expression so well!!

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