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photoblog image Cowcross

Moooooo........In a narrow alleyway off Cowcross street in Clerkenwell, I only recently noticed these cow heads.. there ARE more than three...

So I decided to obey the rules...however I've posted the other option here....

Both taken with my 'handbag' camera... I think I can hear the DOF comments already...well this was just a point and shoot moment.  Just in case....Suby please note schmood.

Matt Frederiksen from United States 8 Jul 2006, 01:39
Ah but you have chosen to shoot only three at a time, in both images. There are also three sets of windows and six little red brick ledge supports (six being a multiple of three). It also looks like there are nine panes in each window (another multiple of three). I believe that you have now well and truly mastered the rule of threes. And now grasshopper, (do you like my reference to David Carradine in Kung Fu?) you must move beyond, you must break the rule of threes.

P.S. Cool cows, maybe we should now start working on Barb's Rule of Cowssmile
Barbara: oops you've cracked that very subtle one? A secret shared with Promenuer...

Visual Vault 8 Jul 2006, 06:19
Humm... I think barb may be onto something... I'll get right on that Matt... Barb, if you would be so kind as to post another cow picture at some point in the near future... I feel a new chapter in the "Expertly Expert Photographers Photography Handbook and General Reference Guide to All Things Photographically Inclined" (412th edition, revision 4) needs to be transcribed here for the group.... smile

-V V-
Barbara: near future?...2moro if you like.

Idefix from Germany 8 Jul 2006, 08:12
what a cool picture, works fine for me, rules or no rules (never been one for sticking to all the rules personally ;-) ) Those cows seem to be staring right at the viewer ...
Barbara: I know.. a bit scary eh?

SUby from Miilton Keynes, uk 8 Jul 2006, 11:31
Okay I got lost somewhere here while reading all these comments, it's Saturday no time for anything heavy tongue Brain shut down.

Cool shot smile
Barbara: no keep your strength up..for the week ahead. No I promise that isn't a threat!

Jide Alakija from Great Britain (UK) 8 Jul 2006, 12:23
You know what would have been cool is if you zoomed in as much as you could and framed all three heads in the shot. Try it!
Barbara: erm...I have framed all three heads..I did try zooming in a bit more and the pixel quality was too low to upload

Barbara from England 8 Jul 2006, 21:05
Here's the shot cropped a leetle bit more...ok I'll stop now..

latest comment
deji77 from United Kingdom 11 Jul 2006, 00:13
What's your fascination with cows...???
An interesting capture.
Barbara: You obviously haven't read the Expertly Expert Photographers Photography Handbook and General Reference Guide to All Things Photographically Inclined

oh and I like suya (only if I haven't met the cow first)

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