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photoblog image Victorian roof
Any guesses as to what structure this is part of?
moe from United States 14 Jul 2006, 04:11
Train station? Nicely captures the curves and the colors.
Barbara: Thanks... no it isn't

Idefix from Germany 14 Jul 2006, 10:04
I think it may be a train station? I love the colours, very delicate and subtle yet very strong. And you placed the clock just right. I like this a lot.
Barbara: Thank you very much Petra!...Sisila got it right (details above)

E Etomi from Nigeria 14 Jul 2006, 11:30
Wow,what a nice market. You dont see anything like that over here lol
Barbara: I'm thinking of doing a b&w series on the market... won't look as nice/pretty!

sparklite from Canada 14 Jul 2006, 13:07
Wow, this is awesome. We don't have anything like this in TOronto. Beautiful photograph and very interesting subject! The highlights off the bottom of the arches work very well in this photograph too. I'm a big fan. Oh... and I like the wide image ratio. smile

Barbara: Thanks! Although I do think you guys have amazing architecture in Toronto from what I can see you on your blogs (you, Visual Vault + a daily dose of imagery...)

International Man of Mystery 14 Jul 2006, 14:18
Great shot Barb, I was going to say that it reminds me of Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter or at least what my imagination sees it as.
Barbara: Think I know who this is wink

Veloran from Singapore 14 Jul 2006, 15:32
I like where you put the clock in the frame, but I have to agree with Onada. If you could use a shallower DOF to blur out the roof a bit I think this shot would look more focused.
Barbara: Thanks "younger brother of Denosha"!

Visual Vault 14 Jul 2006, 16:30
I see the IMM from DDU got here first, damn him, i've been chasing him for weeks and always just miss him... oh well, I guess I'm off on the chase again, Someone told me to try Barbs basement, he might be staying there for a few days.. I'll have to give that a shot.. Oh, Hi Barb!

I love the market *cough*... All these international pictures are making me want to go on a vacation.. A friend of mine just came back from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Estonia and there's some amazing scenery there, and now you with your UK pictures, which has always been a favourite palce of mine, guess the British in me kinda wants to go home, and then your Jamaica shot, and my friends shots from Australia... ARGH! I am so crashing on your sofa when I get there smile

My Critique of this image, since that's really want goes in these comments after all isin't it? I think that you have done a spectacular job capturing the depth of the emotions felt by the clock, you have created a piece that explores the soul of the clock, takes us deek into what the clock is feeling, how he is alone, hanging in limbo, offering himself up as a visual sacrafice to all the people below. All he ever gets is quick glances, a look and then a move on, imagine how hard that must be, to never have real eye contact (or real eyes for that matter), right there in public yet almost totaly ignored. You have captured this lonesome energy and twisted it, and moulded it and shown us the truely beautiful side of the clock, and made him happy. I got a call from the clock the other day, he told me about this wonderful photographer who came in and took his picture, and made him feel special... Kudos to you Barb, you showed us a side of the clock we never would have imagined was there..

-V V-
Barbara: and there was I - worrying that my deep DOF had dissed the clock!

Visual Vault 14 Jul 2006, 16:54
Hey Barb,

Yeah the shot on my blog today is featuring depth of field, and not a lens baby. And yes it was deliberate. I like that small focus area stuff... Suby is going to post something along the lines of "your DOF is all over the place" or some such thing.. but it's not really... anyways that is all.. caio!

Nkx from United Kingdom 14 Jul 2006, 20:57
lovely perspective shot! nkx
Barbara: Thanks Nkem

Naijabloke from United States 14 Jul 2006, 22:38
Lovely shot..this is actually a meat market ..can't wait to see the rest of the market
Barbara: Thank you...

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deji77 from United Kingdom 16 Jul 2006, 18:58
Love how you decided to frame this shot. Well done!
Barbara: Thanks Dej..I did think about your shot in the station in Newcastle(?), when I took it!

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