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photoblog image Phnom Bakheng

Hindu Temple Mountain near Angkor Wat (Angkor Wat is in the background).  I liked the way the flowers grew in such a timeless place  - so there is some form of life within the ancient stones.

I've taken on board Petra and Sisila's AND Prof Substers comments and  reposted an edited (removed the two birds and the yellow flower at the side) version of this

'"This is the most solitary place in all Angkor — and the pleasantest. If it was truly the Mount Meru of the gods, then they chose their habitation well. ... it is at sunrise and sunset that you feel its most potent charm."— H.W. Ponder, 1936

 I'm afraid I got there mid morning no sunrise or sunset...perhaps someone else has one at that time?




Idefix from Germany 15 Jul 2006, 09:52
I like! My brother always witters on about the importance of foreground and background to balance a picture, this does just that! Also like the dots of colour and the way the shape of the temple thing repeats in the background. two little dark "things" in the sky may want cloning out?
Barbara: Thank you very much Petra...Much as I'd love to...I can't really claim to have thought of all those elements you noticed though! wink. I've edited the shot tot remove the birds.

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 15 Jul 2006, 17:35
It's a cool snap. Petra(Idefix) has said it all, Darn that woman smile

That yellow flower trying to muscle it's way into the shot on the right, bounce it tongue
Barbara: Thank you Sah! Yes Sah!...Done Sah!

Petra from Netherlands 15 Jul 2006, 20:38
great great it a lot!!!
Barbara: Thanks Petra!

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International Man of Mystery 15 Jul 2006, 23:05
phenominal barb. The scene is great as is. A sunset or sunrise would have taken away from the beauty of the flowers.
Barbara: Well thanking you kindly sir! smile

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