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photoblog image Ivy against the window
Taken at Hever Castle in Kent.  It is in the Council Chamber which is inside the thirteenth century gatehouse. 
deji77 from United Kingdom 19 Jul 2006, 01:16
I like this a LOT!
Very unlike you. So simple....
Barbara: hmmm not sure how to take that don't normally like my stuff or I'm not simple? wink

Abi Yẹni-Imani from United Kingdom 19 Jul 2006, 01:54
It has a calming effect to it...
Barbara: Thanks Abi

Mona 19 Jul 2006, 02:05
Woooow! What a great looking effect.

Barbara: Thanks Mona

Veloran from Singapore 19 Jul 2006, 03:43
Cool shot, nice work!
Barbara: Thank you Veloran

sparklite from Canada 19 Jul 2006, 04:45
ohhhhh. lovely. I like the greens! It looks great off centre in the frame smile

P.S. there are 8x4+1 large panes of glass. That's 33, or if devided by 11, 3. wink
Barbara: Thanks Sparklite..
you know..I really don't know why Wikipedia removed that rule..

sk from United States 19 Jul 2006, 09:42
ok this is very interesting Barbara, i like this image, hope u have stonking shot for us on friday wink
Barbara: and my big mouth...

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 19 Jul 2006, 10:00
Barbs is on fire, your last few shots have been really stonking. Now this one is definitely a keeper. Love it to death.

Sorry not been blogging much lately, feeling under the weather and just no strength to think sad
Barbara: Wow! Not a Likey from the Prof BUT a Lovey. I'm honoured...ok I'll remove the pins from the voodoo doll and you'll be better in no time! wink
Seriously I do hope you feel better, I'm sure Sinem is nursing you back to full health.

Idefix from Germany 19 Jul 2006, 12:31
Barbara that is without a shadow of a doubt the best picture I have seen from you - I absolutely adore it - bloody well seen and perfectly executed.
Barbara: ooooh..thank you Petra!

Visual Vault 19 Jul 2006, 18:12
okay, okay, I know I vanished for a while, life does that to me sometimes..

I think sparklite needs to go back to math class.. there are 55 panes in the window by my count (he missed the whole rows of little ones up the sides). However there are three distinct colours in the image, the blacks in the foreground, the green leaves, and the red brick in the background... I really don't know what the Wiki was thinking, we should complain, and start a comission for the reinstatment of sparklite in the wiki... or something... Oh well...

I promise i'll get to writing handbook entries soon...

-V V-
Barbara: Hey worries..the best things come to those that wait.

Petra from Netherlands 19 Jul 2006, 19:10
Lovely photo Barbara....i'm affraid i dont have a photo to join your theme-friday.......sad
Barbara: I haven't got one yet either...cmon...I'm sure you can think of something..will be funny to see if we all resort to the same things wink

Steve from GB 19 Jul 2006, 20:46
What great light coming through the leaves
Barbara: Yes I was lucky....wink

Mia from United States 19 Jul 2006, 23:18
the leaves give an amazing lighting effect to the image, well captured smile

for some reason whenever I look at it, it reminds me of something underwater... dunno what though.
Barbara: Yes I think I know what you mean...thanks for stopping by

debola from Nigeria 20 Jul 2006, 11:19
Great shot. Love the colours.
Barbara: thank you

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chinedu 4 Sep 2006, 08:40
Nice photo, lovely natural colours, wonderful effects from the lights outside, wont sleep there though it looks haunted.

must fill in
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