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photoblog image Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy,  Tin Woodman and Scarecrow, aka my colleagues..... and I guess I'm the cowardly lion, head from Munchkin country towards Emerald city.

Emerald City...the land of the Greenback paper money ?  How do you interpret  the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?   Was it a political allegory or even a spiritual one?   This was taken in the area around Hever castle in Kent which could be likened to the paradise of Oz (Garden of Eden...England) , especially with the wonderful summer we're having...


International Man of Mystery 20 Jul 2006, 01:29
Political imagery in The Wizard of Oz

Although numerous political references to the "Wizard" appeared early in the 20th century, it was in a scholarly article in 1964 (Littlefield 1964) that there appeared the first full-fledged interpretation of the novel as an extended political allegory of the politics and characters of the 1890s. Special attention was paid to the Populist metaphors and debates over silver and gold. As a staunch Republican and avid supporter of Women's Suffrage, Baum personally did not support the political ideals of either the Populist movement of 1890-92 or the Bryanite-silver crusade of 1896-1900. He published a poem in support of William McKinley.

Since 1964 many scholars, economists and historians have expanded on Littlefield's interpretation, pointing to multiple similarities between the characters (especially as depicted in Denslow's illustrations) and stock figures from editorial cartoons of the period.

Baum's newspaper had addressed politics in the 1890s, and Denslow was an editorial cartoonist as well as an illustrator of children's books. A series of political references are included in the 1902 stage version, such as references by name to the President and a powerful senator, and to John D. Rockefeller for providing the oil needed by the Tin Woodman. Scholars have found few political references in Baum's Oz books after 1902.

When Baum himself was asked whether his stories had hidden meanings, he always replied that they were written to please children and generate an income for his family.

Fans of the Oz books dismiss any political interpretation, and argue that Baum and Denslow invented everything by themselves.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the above.

As for the photo I actually thought the words "lions and tigers and bears, oh my" when I saw it. even though they're njot walking into a dark forest. I really like this photo, it has a great feel to it especially the sillhouetted friends venturing off into the unknown. And great use of the "Rule of Threes"
Barbara: Ha! Thanks IMM, you saved me putting that one up..actually here's another link I've found which provides several interpretations of the story ...
As for the picture...
Darn - I cannot escape from the RULE, it seems wink

sparklite from Canada 20 Jul 2006, 01:50
Okay. Two comments.
1) I think that the international man of mystery just set the record for the longest comment. Sorry Visualvault.

2) Barbara: This is amazing. I love the shadows and the mist and colour and.... the list goes on. Fantastic!
Barbara: Thanks Sparklite... I await a VV comment with baited breath!

nicole limperopulos from United States 20 Jul 2006, 05:55
this is a really awesome picture. i love the theme, the shadows, the light, and the composition.
Barbara: Thank you very much Nicole.

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 20 Jul 2006, 09:39
Lovely shot Barbs, you really are stepping up the game with your lovely posts smile

Barbara: Thanks, I hope it's not because you're becoming too soft wink

jackofalltrades 20 Jul 2006, 10:02
Fantastic ... everything's coming together: composition, lighting, unbelievable.
Barbara: Thank you J

debola from Nigeria 20 Jul 2006, 11:29
Love how this shows so much light ahead...
Barbara: Like a stairway to heaven? Thanks Debola

Nike 20 Jul 2006, 11:31
Barbara, this is lovely! It inspires a wealth of emotions. Your posts keep getting better and better!
Barbara: aah...thank Niks

sk from United States 20 Jul 2006, 11:50
awesome awesome awesome, now i really can't wait for what u have for us 2moro
Barbara: Thanks really now how to put the pressure on!

Vincent Lenne from United Kingdom 20 Jul 2006, 12:44
Hey that's truly a lovely shot. Love the shimmer on the road and the whole quality of light. I almost wish it was black and white but not sure. Also I feel the sky could be tweaked (don't ask how) so it doesn't appear so harsh and blend in more with the mist in the trees.

Super Genial.
Barbara: Thanks Vincent... you know that isn't was actually strong early morning sunlight (I cropped out the sun behind the trees)creating that misty look and probably contributing to the harsh sky

Idefix from Germany 20 Jul 2006, 13:38
lovely summer atmosphere captured really well.
Barbara: Danke Petra!

closetHR 20 Jul 2006, 13:47
Makes me wish I'd been there for the walk. I love the open feeling of the road. And there's lovely perspective the way the trees have lined up. Which one's the tin man??!?
Barbara: Yes..but you would have wanted to break out into a run. As you know the people, you decide which characters to match them with!

Angela 20 Jul 2006, 15:37
I absolutely adore this picture. I can't help wandering whats at the end of it, as its got that misty look at the far end. Well done girl, you're becoming a pro !!!
Barbara: Hardly!...but thank you very much all the same.

Visual Vault 20 Jul 2006, 19:16
Sparklite, I don't think IMM has won quite yet.. You do remember how long the rule of threes was don't you? And IMM pasted his in from the wikipedia, so that's an instant disqualification right there.. But, just to reclaim my crown (who has it! I want it back!, it's made of chocolate smile ) I will have to add the following comment:

'The Expertly Expert Photographers Photography Handbook and General Reference Guide to All Things Photographically Inclined' (Chapter 34) has this to say about photos using the 'wizard of oz' theme:

The Wizard of Oz theme, originally derived from the play 'Oh Dorthy Where art thou' by Shakespeare, and used extensively in the legendary motion picture trilogy 'The Wizard of Oz', 'The Wizard of Oz: Return of The Scarecrow', and "The Wizard of Oz: The Wizard Strikes Back' is a method of showcasing 'spectacular happiness and joy' according to legendary film director Lucas P George. Mr. George originally read Shakespeare's work when he was in grade school, and immediately fell in love with the Dorthy character. He felt that it was only fitting to document her adventures against the evil wizard on film, which led to the creation of the at times controversial films. However due to his love affair with the Dorthy character, he did not wish to show her as evil, or in a dark light at all, so he created a unique shooting style that allowed him to highlight her happinesss and joy. To successfully accomplish a Wizard of Oz look, this handbook can offer the following advice based on our research:

The photo must feature a grouping of individuals, be they human, animal, or something else, preferably in a triad, so as to obey the sparklite trinity rule (see chapter 117 for more information). This grouping should be situated on a roadway, preferably something yellow, or gold coloured, or light nicely at sunrise or sunset to give it a bit of a glow. The environment around these characters should allude to an air of mystery and intrigue, but at the same time be bright and cheerful. It is strongly recommended that the environment be natural in composition, perhaps something like a country field, or a small woodland area. Bright sunny skies, and a slight fog help to add both light and mystery to the shot and are strongly encouraged. When selecting talent to create the perfect shot, you have few limitations, as characters can range from Human, to Lion, to TinMan, or even Tom Arnold if one so desires, however all characters must be able to pose in a 'floating skip' position. This position, which is a half walk, half skip position can often be difficult for inexperienced character actors to hold for long periods of time, so you may have to shoot quickly. A strong sense of action and purpose is also a requirement, and can be greatly enhanced by both the right framing of the shot and the lighting conditions.

Oh Dorthy Where art thou, in it's original form, was not very well received by critics in it's day, and lasted in the theater for only a few fortnights. the Lucas P George trilogy however brought about a renewed interest in the story and has since led to an increasing popularity in the shooting style.

-V V-
Barbara: I have a sneaky suspicion you got cut off mid flow...Have you maxed out on the comment space?

Visual Vault 20 Jul 2006, 20:59
I got cut off by someone trying to make me do work at work! The nerve of some people... sheesh... wink

-V V-
Barbara: how awful for you

Petra from Netherlands 20 Jul 2006, 22:40
`stares with eyes wide open to screen....starting to sweat and shrinks back`
All those english words .........i have to read them, i have to read them...


PS fantastic photo Barbara!!!!
Barbara: He he...oh're becoming a "VV stream of conciousness" fan (note: that he's a lot more serious on his blog)

Reza from United States, Illinois 21 Jul 2006, 17:17
All is good other than that haze. Try to remove it not from the far back but from the trees to the left of the 3 walkers.
Barbara: Thanks Reza...You know that's sunlight? I cropped the sun from the top right.

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