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photoblog image Colleagues at dinner

Ok it's experimentation time again...I like the ''fly on the wall'' feel I got here...what do you think?  (oh I can hear it's grainy's noisy...yes I KNOW!)

Update 15:18.....eeeeck! am I the only one getting spam mail comments...just deleted a viagra this shot that bad?

Yanik Tissera from Sri Lanka 28 Jul 2006, 08:04
Haha, yeah was going to say it was grainy and noisy..ok....hmmmm...i like it...but one thing to do is crop about 3-4cm from the right..just to the end of the guys head..what do u think?
Barbara: could be right.

E Etomi from Nigeria 28 Jul 2006, 10:14
I dunno, not sure i like the pinkish tone.
Barbara: The original was quite orangey as the only light was candle light and some low ceiling lights..I guess when I desaturated it, the orange went to pink.

Angela 28 Jul 2006, 11:40
I like it, your colleagues were not even aware Ms Paparrazi was at it again.
Barbara: More like they were getting irritated smile Thanks Ange.

ikawokolaso from enfield 28 Jul 2006, 11:48
i have lost a soulmate. this is a sad day for the rebels of shutterchance.
i understand what you are trying to achieve and i would say 90% of what you are trying to say with the photo is evident at first glance.
good on you
Barbara: Que? the only photoshopping was to drain this of some colour and a lot brightening (as for some reason everyone sees my pictures darker than I do). The rest is due to the v high ISO and slow shutterspeed.

AmmoPhoto 28 Jul 2006, 14:41
I was gonna say it lacks contrast but then I read your description and it does have that low quality hidden camera feel to it So you have achieved what I believe to be your goal. Consider this experiment succesful.
Barbara: Mission accomplished..ok enough experimentation for now...specially after the Viagra spam comment I just got.

closetHR 28 Jul 2006, 15:45
I can guarantee that the subjects had no clue the photo was being taken. This is a lovely fly on the wall image! I also like the blurred image of the waitress for the movement it adds.
Barbara: Thanks C, you may approve of your image..but I have a sneaky feeling subject no. 2 may not!

Poweide koroye 28 Jul 2006, 17:08
I think this is actually quite charming.

The pink tint does detract slightly from the otherwise duotone nature of the shot but the grain and the fact that the subjects were apparently unaware you were taking their picture make it particularly intimate.

Fortunately no-one was doing anything they shouldn't have been!
Barbara: Thanks P..fortunately or unfortunately? It was a management all very proper.

zebigleb 28 Jul 2006, 20:24
I love the expression of the woman in this shot, between concentration and laugh something like that...
Barbara: you know she does have that expression quite a lot. smile

Petra from Netherlands 28 Jul 2006, 22:26
Looked at this photo several times today....still undecided...
like it or not.....stupid huh?
Barbara: Don't worry Petra don't need to like it! It was an experiment

latest comment
deji77 from United Kingdom 29 Jul 2006, 21:43
I'm starting to really wonder what your colleagues must think of you brandishing your camera at every turn!
Definitely an interesting picture, but I think you might have got a much better picture if the composition were stronger.
Barbara: ah they just sigh and then ignore me..

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