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photoblog image the blushing bridegroom

It's always the bride isn't it.?...well this time I'm going to focus on the bridegroom...not just because I want to be different (and not that the bride wasn't stunning...she was extremely so)...but because he's a very very dear old friend of mine and I was very happy for him.   Congratulations Mobolaji!  Bxxxx

Please note..I will admit this isn't technically adequate by any means..but I just liked his "pleased as got the cream" expression.

Oops just realised I hadn't got the date right on set for 29th July

Petra from Netherlands 29 Jul 2006, 11:15
What a happy man!!! smile
Barbara: Indeed

Zebigleb from France 29 Jul 2006, 12:39
Love the expression wich is really funny !!
Barbara: Yes how smug is that

Angela 29 Jul 2006, 19:31
Your dear friend looks as if he can't believe his luck !
Barbara: He is a very lucky man

Idefix from Germany 29 Jul 2006, 23:53
This really made me smile ! He's just cheerful and joyful and has not problem showing it - very well capturd "moment" ... What's happened - BLUE ShMood??
Barbara: ShMood...because it's not a particularly good picture in terms of the light on the leaves above him and on his shoulder AND not very was just really one about a joyful expression..

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closetHR 6 Oct 2006, 14:45
Or maybe the smile could be translated as: oh my, what have I just gotten myself into! I know, very cynical!

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