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photoblog image St Peter's church tower
Barbados is divided into eleven parishes.  This church gives its name to one of the only two parishes to have both an east as well as west coastline (the other is St Lucy).  The church is in a quaint little place called Speightstown which was known as little Bristol and has several charmingly delapidated buildings, although a lot of the sea front is being regenerated.  I like the faded colors on the tower which had a painted quality about it.
attah from Great Britain (UK) 15 Aug 2006, 02:14
I like the painted quality. I think it works very well. Still undecided about the perspective... on the whole I think it works. Did you experiment with less negative space. I really have no idea what I'm trying to say... ;-s
"worthwhile shot" (in the words of chunter..)
Barbara: Thank you...when are you going to start posting again?

nicole limperopulos from United States 15 Aug 2006, 04:34
really nice angle. i like the vantage point that you used. the fading colors and flaking paint add a really nice quality to the shot. i also like the way you framed the shot. nice.
Barbara: Thanks Nicole...I was limited on how I could take the shot, as there was a funeral at the time sad

e etomi from Nigeria 15 Aug 2006, 07:30
Very nice texture to the photo.
Barbara: Thanks E

Angela 15 Aug 2006, 08:06
The blue sky is unbelievable with a bit of candy floss looking white cloud to the left and I love the picture of the crumbling church ! Its good to have your pictures to look at again, life has got back to normal smile
Barbara: Thanks Angela...I'll have an Oiston pic for you shortly.

The Maven from Great Britain (UK) 15 Aug 2006, 08:44
I think the faded colours and slightly delapidated state of the building adds to it's character.
Barbara: yes..I thought so..

Steve from United Kingdom 15 Aug 2006, 08:59
The parts of the tower with the missing plaster and the bricks underneath looks just like a Disney recreation at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
Barbara: mean...

Nike 15 Aug 2006, 09:50
Welcome back Barbara! We've missed you. Look forward to seeing many more.
Barbara: xxxx

The enforcer 15 Aug 2006, 11:21
This shot is ok Barbara, I think it falls because of the perspective at which you took the shot. It could have been a whole lot more interesting than it is.
Don't battle with me Barbara cos you will lose, You can't see me girl. I was gonna photo slap you but I will hold back for tomorrow and let you settle in.
I double dare you to produce a "stonking" shot.
Barbara: ...yesssss "from a wormhole" it right there kiddo. I dare YOU to post some stonking shots..btw..don't think you'll like tomorrow''ve been warned.

Mike Bryant-Plenty 15 Aug 2006, 13:30
When I saw the thumbnail image in the random pics posted when you log on, I thought I recognised St Philips Parish Church. However, see it is St Peter's. I haven't visited St Peter's but St Philip's provides some great photo opportunities.
Barbara: Hi Mike - I did go to St Philips for lunch at the Crane...but really didn't take many shots there.I noticed that a lot of the other churches were built in beatifully weathered coral stone, but I believe this one was rebuilt and therefore was plastered

Sola Labinjo from Great Britain (UK) 15 Aug 2006, 13:31
Mrs K, I've seen shots like this before. All in all you can't fault them. Nothing wrong with this technically.
Barbara: Interpretation: Good but not original wink

zebigleb from France 15 Aug 2006, 14:33
Like it - Very sharp
Like the framing too. smile
Barbara: Thank you Zeb

Jide Alakija 15 Aug 2006, 15:28
Nice one Barbie! Love the blue in this one.
Barbara: Thanks Jide

Visual Vault 15 Aug 2006, 17:00
You are ignoring my comments arn't you.... I know it.... I could write anything in here and you woulden't mind... let's see.. how about a shopping list...

- eggs
- bacon
- cheese (smelly kind)
- bread
- pickles
- roast beef
- spiced turkey
- camel
- wax paper

It's a nice shot tho, featuring none of those items in the list above. I really like the clock face, the blue/grey face is cool, very painterly looking..

-V V-
Barbara: No VV! I've just spent the WHOLE day getting to Moscow..tell you what times there are a changing and I'm going to really avoid travelling now. From Russia with love...

latest comment
Visual Vault 15 Aug 2006, 21:32
Umm.. Barb... WHY are you in Moscow exactly.... ?
Barbara: If I told you...I'd have to kill you

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