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photoblog image Animal Flower Cave

at the nothern most point of Barbados in the parish of St Lucy, this cave is named after the sea flowers in the pools of water in the cave.  Apparently people have had great parties at night down here, needless to say that's impossible in the winter when the water levels here are much higher and fill the cave!

Diya from Switzerland 23 Aug 2006, 00:44
There is some mystery in this shot, the reflection of the sky has something unreal and yet it has so much clarity. Great shot
Barbara: Thanks Diya - I was quite pleased with the sky reflection here

nicole limperopulos from United States 23 Aug 2006, 02:51
hey barb,

can you imagine partying in this cave? i would imagine that the music must reverberate really well off the cave walls. i love the view through the opening. also, the reflection is really nice. well spotted, really nice capture.
Barbara: I can, although being very clumsy, I'd be the first person to be knocked unconscious by a stalactite..

BeakerSt from Shutterchance 23 Aug 2006, 08:05
Hey, I've been overated! Cool shot
Barbara: Well yes, it is a bit of swizz being charged for a fairly brief and "not-much-to-say-about-it" tour..but still our guide had us in stitches with his very very chilled out attitude.

Archibald Kerr from Sri Lanka 23 Aug 2006, 09:10
Can't say I've ever been there, but this photo makes me want to go and you've done a great job catching the shadows and bringing out the pool of water.
Barbara: Oh do go to's loooovely.

E Etomi from Nigeria 23 Aug 2006, 10:48
Wow, love the reflection!
Barbara: Thanks E

Jide Alakija from United Kingdom 23 Aug 2006, 13:41
Now this is where HDR would work. Did you shoot this in RAW? If you did can I have the RAW file please?
Barbara: Oh I didn't shoot in RAW. On my to-do-list before going on holiday was to take another card with me...and guess what? I didn't get round to that, so to save on space none of the shots were in hoo..would have loved to see what you could have done with it..

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 23 Aug 2006, 16:12
Lovely shot, however where are the details? I have to (unfortunately) agree with Jide here, HDR would have worked here.

Send me the original JPEG, let me see what I can rustle up tongue

Barbara: ok..will do when I get home.

Visual Vault 23 Aug 2006, 17:32
It looks like an inkblot test... it's cool, i see a fish chasing a shrimp, with a 3rd fish swiming the other way below it... what does that tell you about me? am i crazy doc? i can take the truth, just tell me!

-V V-
Barbara: scarily - you may be saner than all of us..

deji77 from United Kingdom 23 Aug 2006, 21:47
WOW! Technically of course there are issues, but you've captured something "moving" here. Don't know what it is or how to explain it.
Barbara: smile

Poweide Koroye 24 Aug 2006, 14:49
Very interesting. 10 out of 10 for composition as usual even though the top part of the picture nearly distracts from the reflection which is the real gem. Perhaps a smaller aperture/ slower speed combination would have done the trick.

Like the map of Africa on the left too.
Barbara: Thank you Mr Koroye, a more relevant comment than your darling sister left on one of my other posts..Answering your private comment..I believe notable comments are ranked by number of sentences..and/or the inclusion of any technical terms..

Poweide Koroye 24 Aug 2006, 14:50
What makes my comment notable?

kk 24 Aug 2006, 18:34
Beautiful.. Would love to go there. It is now on my to do list.
Barbara: Prioritise it!

chinedu 4 Sep 2006, 07:56
Talking about the wonders of this beautiful planet, this should have been one of them. Brilliant photo.

chinedu 4 Sep 2006, 08:00
Talking about the wonders of this beautiful planet, this is one of them. Great photo.
Barbara: Actually more striking in real life, wish I had taken it in RAW so Jide could have worked some magic on it.

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Orie 19 Dec 2006, 01:39
the water line behond the two openings.stunning.O

must fill in
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