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photoblog image 2 legged Cow on Mount Misery

I kid you not.  This was taken in the Scotland district of Barbados and these cows were pretty amazing.  They just stared and stared at me; stopped chewing the piece of grass in mouth; and continued to ''eye" me as we drove off.  By the way it HAS actually got 4 legs.  Oh... and please have a look at its companion    Well I know I couldn't let some of you down..the cow madness is certainly not over.

Update: Colleague sent this to me  Your 2 legged cow made me think of this story….So, I was driving to this little farm near my house where they sell fresh vegetables.  When I walked up to the stand, I saw, in the little pen behind the stand, a 3 legged pig.  I asked the farmer who was working the stand about the pig.  He said, “That’s Sheila.  She’s a hero.  Last year, our house caught on fire.  The pig broke free from her pen, came into the house, and dragged my 3 year old daughter to safety..” I asked, “Is that how she lost her leg?” He said, “No.  But Sheila really is a hero.  About six months ago, a guy was trying to break into our house.  Sheila jumped her fence, ran up to the guy and started biting his leg.  Scared him away.” I asked again, “Is that how she lost her leg?” Again, he said no.  But he began regaling me with another example of Sheila’s heroics.  Apparently, their son, age 6, fell down a well.  Sheila led the search team to the well and he was rescued. So of course, I wanted know if this is how the pig lost that leg.  Again, he answered no.  At this point I was getting frustrated, so I asked him point blank….”How did the freaking pig lose her leg.”

His answer, “A pig that heroic, you don’t eat all at once.”

AP 26 Aug 2006, 00:14
Yea cows. I think he might be wonderin g your GCCCCC permit is. I can see his other legs but I really had to look for them. Good Capture Barb.
Barbara: Yes that look is reminiscent of a passport/customs officer isn't it..

nicole limperopulos from United States 26 Aug 2006, 04:26
hey barb,

this is a crazy shot! i really had to strain to find his other legs. i was staring at the screen in disbelief. well spotted and really great shot.
Barbara: Thanks Nicole

Nike 26 Aug 2006, 10:58
You really had me going for a while - I thought wow! only 2 legs and he can still balance all that weight. I heventually spotted the leg.
Barbara: Maybe I should have cloned out the leg wink

Zebigleb from France 26 Aug 2006, 18:06
Funny and well done - I like it !
Barbara: Glad you do, thanks Zeb

chris p from United Kingdom 26 Aug 2006, 19:39
Your'e getting a funny look back Barbie.
Barbara: and an even haughtier look from it's companion...wink

Petra from Netherlands 26 Aug 2006, 20:08
this photo made me read the "The Barb Big Cow Conundrum" in VV's handbook again............!!!
What is there more to
well done Barb...great catchsmile
Barbara: LOL...Petra..there ARE better things to read. Ooops sorry VV!

Asher Ajayi 26 Aug 2006, 20:42
Was the cow fast enough to catch Uncle Emmanuel even though it only had two legs?
Barbara: Ha!..Whaddya think..he sat in the car...ready to dash off at any moment. Thanks for dropping by! xx

deji77 from United Kingdom 26 Aug 2006, 21:55
Had to read the caption to be sure what my eyes were seeing and then still took a while to locate the "missing" legs!
Barbara: You could get into this 'cow thang'

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chinedu 4 Sep 2006, 08:23
Euraka.I only found the "missing" legs after some other people claimed they had found it, I call this artistic photgraphy.
Barbara: Thank you

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