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photoblog image Last of the summer wine
The view from Richmond Hill (Sunday 3rd September 2006)
chinedu 5 Sep 2006, 08:22
Nature as the perfect artist best describes this landscape shot, Nice one.
Barbara: How kind. Thanks

Angela 5 Sep 2006, 09:19
Wow !!! This is well captured. I like the little man with his dog on the left hand side.
Barbara: Thanks Ange...I think that may be a rucksack though!

diego garcia from United Kingdom 5 Sep 2006, 12:19
Barbara. I am far from a landscaper but I like this in many ways. I like the way the pic is divided into 3 parts.
Barbara: Hey're commenting! Thank you.

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 5 Sep 2006, 14:34
Sweet shot, shame about the sky, now this is a shot one may have needed to have a filter on lens.

Barbara: Ha! Ha! I was waiting for a "filter" comment..of course you Suby...

Visual Vault 5 Sep 2006, 16:54
Great use of the sparklite rule of threes here barb, very nice, the three distinct regions in the photo are great wink

I wonder if you could have pulled a little detail back into the sky in photoshop, just a quick mask and a minor curves tweek.. you might want to give it a try smile

-V V-
Barbara: Nick! This is Barbara here...remember? Photoshop and me...well that's something for your photographic encyclopedia...

diego garcia from United Kingdom 5 Sep 2006, 17:05
Barbara, took your advice.

I do struggle to find time to post comments as have busy life with job, camera, youth work, my band, etc. I always browse here but decided to make the effort to comment more as and when I can. Modern life is so busy.
Barbara: I know, I know, it is very time consuming and I actually have taken breaks from Shutterchance because of this, but as you know in particular (having read your very open response to Sinem) interaction on levels is beneficial in all sorts of ways wink

Abi from United Kingdom 5 Sep 2006, 17:06
I enjoy viewing photographs with hidden or small gives a great sense of perspective....... the sky? not so sure... and don't know how to improve if needs be... nice shot anyway
Barbara: Thanks Yeni..I liked the guy sitting there enjoying the last dregs of sky did have a bit more in it, but then when I brightened the picture to compensate for previous comments about my shots being dark...I seemed to lose some of the clouds...although there wasn't much in the sky..just the usual london smog..

chris p from United Kingdom 5 Sep 2006, 19:09
Lovely capture Barbara smile
Barbara: Thanks Chris

sk from UK 5 Sep 2006, 19:48
nice shot Barbara, maybe some burning will help the sky
Barbara: Burning huh? okaaaaay....wink

Diya from Switzerland 5 Sep 2006, 19:54
what a beautiful countryside, very nice captured, i love the view
Barbara: Thanks Diya - this is Richmond (greater London), so not the countryside and that is actually the Thames!

Petra from Netherlands 5 Sep 2006, 20:50
beautiful Photo Barbara!! is this the area where you live?? very pretty!
Barbara: I wish!..Nah, I'm a north London gal. Thanks though!

e etomi from Nigeria 5 Sep 2006, 21:29
Picturesque. Maybe you could crop the sky but I think its cool with it too.
Barbara: Thanks E, I did crop the sky but more to make it a third of the shot...

Poweide Koroye 5 Sep 2006, 23:05
Apart from not using a filter which would have given sky (yes another sky comment) more pop (see I'm picking up the lingo), this is pretty cool. And your comment about lightening the picture plays right into my position of getting it right first time! Looking at the settings, I think your shutter speed may have been too high but there's nothing like hindsight eh?

Top marks for composition aagin.

deji77 from United Kingdom 7 Sep 2006, 21:48
I like this.
I would have suggested removing the branch on the right and then applying a very light vignette to the sky.

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deji77 from United Kingdom 7 Sep 2006, 21:51
Just reading through the comments. An invaluable tool to get familiar with is the shadow/highlight tool. Its available in PS, Photo Elements, ACDSee, and it very easily allows you correct problems with exposure in shadow and highlight areas quite independently of each other.

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