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photoblog image Three Little Birds

Three little birds, sat on my window.
And they told me I don't need to worry.
Summer came like cinnamon
So sweet..... (Corinne Bailey Rae)

Ok these ducks are hardly little birds..cyber Barb here (I'm not actually here right now, but feel free to leave comments...maybe I'll drag myself off the beach to check) I presuming today is theme5: Sparklite's threes? I therefore lined this up before I left .  So these three ducks were there minding their own business on the bank of the pond and along I came..I didn't push them in, honestly they jumped in of their own accord...honest..

Yanik Tissera from Sri Lanka 4 Aug 2006, 09:21
Really like this, nice reflection..they seem like there in a rush..Were you in a boat or on a dock?
Barbara: Thanks Yanik, actually I was just standing at the edge of a pond..

deji77 from United Kingdom 4 Aug 2006, 18:22
LOL! You sure about that Barbara? Uhmmmm....
Nice reflections.
Barbara: What? Great minds or fools? wink

Visual Vault 7 Aug 2006, 06:42
Duck, Duck, Duck..... and then if we go back an image.. Swan!

okay, so not quite the origional method of playing the game.. but it works.. as for the shot, it also works.. I tend to chase seagulls or pigeons to get them to do interesting things, since we have very few ducks here. However i live a few blocks from the lake, and yet there's a pair of ducks that find the water fountain outside my building FAR more interesting than the lake... go figure... I like the shot barb, hope the vacation was good..

-V V-
Barbara: The holiday was great...I'm only annoyed with myself for spending far too much time sunbathing and not enough time taking pictures!

Angela 7 Aug 2006, 12:47
Missed your pictures all week and your prescence at the girlie lunch on saturday. Lovely photo, looks like it was taken in the autumn, reflection of the golden leaves looks really pretty. Enjoy the rest of your hols. If you're still there on friday you must go to the Oistins Fish market as On Friday nights, the area hosts a giant fish fry and street party. People stop by to eat seafood and dance to the music and tourists often visit to sample the local culture. It had a great vibe when I was there !
Barbara: Yes I missed the lunch, I'm in need of a Mama Calaber session soon. Btw this was taken in July...but it does look autumnal. Re Barbados...we did go to Oistins..and stuffed ourselves..I'll post a couple of pics from there.

Sola Labinjo from Great Britain (UK) 9 Aug 2006, 13:07
Great shot Mrs K
Barbara: Thanks Sola...

Poweide koroye 9 Aug 2006, 15:47
This is why Americans think they're hard workers, you seem to have been on holiday forever!

Re the picture, I really like the way the movement of the water's been captured and the framing of the shot but I think the picture looks a bit muddy (apart from the preamturely autumnal foliage in the background). I'm not sure this is as crisp as it could have been but as usual, top marks for composition and for seeing the shot in the first place.

Nick 10 Aug 2006, 14:46
The kind of shot that tends to make an exiled Brit sigh and remember times and places past. A little sugary perhaps, but a sweet thing to see from where I stand.
Barbara: makes us sigh, particularly as summer is so short...and sweet..

sparklite from Canada 11 Aug 2006, 05:47
Barbara as always you stun me with beautiful photography. I've been away on holiday for a number of days so I have not been checking in but I see you have not been posting much. I hope you are on holiday yourself and that you're just taking a break from the rapid posting of photos. This is a lovely shot. I love how warm the water is with the reflections.

Of course the threes. well. Hey. wink I'm only upset that I didn't realize what the theme was for that day until after is passed! sad sad It was named after me and everything. I'm so sad! Good thing there is a nice photo above to cheer me up wink
Barbara: Wow thanks Sparklite..this was a lovely comment to return to.

Archibald Kerr from Sri Lanka 11 Aug 2006, 13:08
lovley, really like ducks for some reason, and you've captured them beuatifully, the reflections work well too.
Barbara: Thank you v much Mr Kerr!

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