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photoblog image Oistin Boat message II
I then saw this freshly painted boat...hope springs eternal, as it must for all those fisherman trying to make a living... good message for Monday morning starting afresh
Angela 11 Sep 2006, 08:25
Nicely captured ... I should be on this boat, wind in my hair, rum punch in my hand, feet dangling off the edge ...
Barbara: You need a holiday girl!

Nike 11 Sep 2006, 11:13
Are these 2 boats owned by the same person? The names seem to have a link. Nice shot.
Barbara: I don't know...they were on the same beach, but saw this one after and liked the lead of from giving up new hope.

Visual Vault 12 Sep 2006, 19:34
It's a very nicely painted boat... but they missed a spot (the bottom of it)... It's funny what people name their boats.. I bet the same guy does own both, and he made a mess of the first one, and then the second time he was going "alright.. lets try this agian.. hey.. that's a great name..."

-V V-
Barbara: Only you...only you...

diego garcia from United Kingdom 12 Sep 2006, 20:10
Nice shot - I like the name of the boat!
Barbara: So did I, thanks Diego

sinem from United Kingdom 12 Sep 2006, 23:45
Barbara: You guys have to get your own this Sinem or Suby..thanks anyway!

chris p from United Kingdom 13 Sep 2006, 13:44
Had to 'try again' a few times :; nice catch Barbara.
Barbara: We all have to, don't we? Thanks Chris

Diya from Switzerland 14 Sep 2006, 11:36
it is a funny shot, it almost looks like the boat is smiling too, nice
Barbara: I would guess that shows the positive approach you have to life!

NoWords 15 Sep 2006, 09:03
I used to have one, similar shape, same color, it was nice... mybe one day I'll try again!
Barbara: You must...nothing beats messing about on boats

Yoni 16 Sep 2006, 16:45
Nice photo! I love the name of the boat.
Barbara: So do the one Robert the Bruce had...

Petra from Netherlands 18 Sep 2006, 07:41
having a break Barb??
Barbara: Yes...there's a certain freedom that comes with just being a voyeur.

Sola Labinjo from Great Britain (UK) 18 Sep 2006, 16:54
How far, on holiday again?
Barbara: I wish

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 20 Sep 2006, 12:04
Aunty Barbs, I know you are out there so why are you not posting?

Barbara: I'm here...just waiting to post something I like...I guess

attah Ocholi from Great Britain (UK) 21 Sep 2006, 19:15
yeah barbs why aren't you posting? (sez kettle to pot..)

Abi from United Kingdom 22 Sep 2006, 16:25
A lot to read into?

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 25 Sep 2006, 10:46
Aunty Barbs, I am missing you. grin


neil schneider from Spain 25 Sep 2006, 17:02
the name says it all... very nice find. I wonder what the history is behind the boat.

AP 27 Sep 2006, 03:15
VV doesn't realize that he missed a spot because ther is no wood to paint. Where ya been Barb? I still want my car shot.

atunbi from United Kingdom 29 Sep 2006, 02:38
hello barb, no updates? I put up another of the wedding photos oo

deji77 from United Kingdom 30 Sep 2006, 23:36
Knock, knock!
Anybody home?

Britney 2 Oct 2006, 18:35
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sguardiamo from Italy 6 Oct 2006, 23:04
hey barbara.....where are you? smile

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 13 Oct 2006, 11:24
Where is Aunty Barbs? Why have you forsekan me soo? Come back and start posting images quick, Me miss ya.


Feyi from The Lock 13 Oct 2006, 13:14
where are you? it's lonely and cold here without you...
I'm not getting a haircut until you come back, i've decided...

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