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photoblog image Free London

Ok! some photojournalism....with the theme free I decided to focus on the slightly more pedestrian intepretation of this as gratis as opposed to liberty.  There so many free things in London - museums, galleries and now even bicycles, so when I noticed the challenge, I decided I would look out for one of the new free yellow bikes, but  no such luck,  I therefore had to go with the easier option of  taking a shot of one of the two free newspapers launched this week (London Lite and TheLondonpaper).  You should see the eagerness to offload these, just walking down Turnmill Street I had at least 6 of the distributors thrust their newspapers under my nose, including one Naija man handing out London Lite..each time agressively declaring it as "LIIIIIIEET!"... I just HAD to take a second copy off him!  I'm not sure what the business model for this actually is, it can't all be based on advertising...can it? 

Here's an idea - challenging all London Shutterchancers...first person to get a decent shot of the free yellow bikes around London!

Ismael from Argentina 8 Sep 2006, 05:18
Hello, I like their photographies.
Ismael Greetings
Muy Buena smile
Barbara: Gracias

E Etomi from Nigeria 8 Sep 2006, 10:20
The dude is cute too, is he free? Lol.
Barbara: V funny...there loads like this around Clerkenwell (all the graphic artist types) + it was a sunny the shorts came out!

Nike 8 Sep 2006, 10:49
Very nice capture.

I do like your slant on free. Have you walked up Oxford Street recently during the week? It's a real battle to get past all the 'Free' stuff - restaurant leaflets, language courses, religion and now this paper. The list is endless. Combined with all the shoppers it is a real nightmare. I suppose I should be somewhat thankful for the 'free(?)' things in life.
Barbara: Thanks Nike, yes I think we do get a bit complacent about all the freebies. I do think it is possible to spend a day (ok walking at least) about London and you'd be able to survive on free promotional literature, drinks and sample food somewhere along the line - I once wanted to buy a sandwich from Pret a Manger and they insisted on giving it to me for free because they had just closed...actually they give all there food out to the homeless each day...maybe I looked like I needed it!

Petra from Netherlands 8 Sep 2006, 11:53
Hey Barb. even living very far frome London...can i join the challenge of catching a green bike (over here they are green)wink
Barbara: I thought the scheme failed in Amsterdam, because the bikes were stolen and repainted? wink...Of course you may, although I think you may have an unfair advantage as I don't think there more than 10 of these in London (I'll have to read the blurb on it again).

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 8 Sep 2006, 12:53
Free bikes in London? Hey have to check how much these "free" bikes are now going on e-bay grin

Aunty Barbs, when are we hooking up for a shoot together?
Barbara: You old cynic you! Us on a photoshoot together? bullying me..."now have you thought about what exactly you're shooting?".."have you considered every angle?"..."oh it's too hot in London" (gripe gripe)...etc etc...and then me killing you?...(with a telephoto lens perhaps) wink I'd be PETRIFIED....

NoWords 8 Sep 2006, 14:00
nice 'real life' shot! (a bit over exposed, though)
Barbara: Yes it was a very bright afternoon shot...thanks for dropping by

attah from Great Britain (UK) 8 Sep 2006, 14:45
I like it!
Barbara: a rather belated thanks...

Diya from Switzerland 8 Sep 2006, 15:07
very cool shot, the friendly gesture handing out the newspaper and on the left uper corner it almost looks like someone is watching....

i like it
Barbara: Thanks Diya...I'm commenting 12 days later and now rather fed up with the papers...all over the place and what a waste!

AP 8 Sep 2006, 18:01
Love the colors Barbara. We have a couple of free papers here in D.C. too and I have to make sure to get 2 of them every Friday so both my wife and I can do the Samurai Sudoku. Have a great weekend.
Barbara: another Sudoku junkie? I think I'm cured...

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AP 8 Sep 2006, 18:04
P.S. Your response to Suby is hilarious.
Barbara: but deadly serious..

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