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photoblog image Music 'Sheet'

Theme4: Music - Having had no luck finding any musicians or taken any good shots of Ipod owners..I reverted to this..... I actually took quite a few of these, haven't been able to upload the one I actually wanted there a limit to the number of posts one can queue?

That very very nice man (he's a very very nice man) Steve has processed this post and it does look much better.  Thank you Steve...please check out his work at

Update - Alright let me put more of an explanation on this.  My dear parents invested a lot of time and money in trying to get me to play the piano.  I really did want to learn (really) but I never got past grade 4..I could blame it on my last teacher (God rest her soul) who was very old and fell asleep as I was playing...I could wake her up by playing a dud note quite loudly..but in the main she forgot where we were and I could get away by playing the same piece week after week.  This shot is a nostalgic look at my frustrations at learning the piano..many moons ago.  The noise and the blue tones where deliberate...they hit the right notes (geddit?) with me.  I did try b&w - it wasn't that exciting and I did try last night to upload a couple more to see what they looked like online...but there seemed to be an upload problem last night.

Idefix from Germany 21 Jul 2006, 00:07
That's exactly the shot I had planned, (only I had intended to turn it sepia) only mine did not work out at all . In the end I set fire to my notes (a printout I hasten to add) and even THAT failed to elicit an interesting shot. So WELL DONE for getting the shot. some colour interference or is that my monitor again?
Barbara: I put the saturation up a bit as I liked the bluey look

sk from United Kingdom 21 Jul 2006, 01:06
very interesting, i like the concept
Barbara: Interpretation - Good concept, poor execution? wink

Gina Ramirez from United States 21 Jul 2006, 01:23
I like the idea of the shot. It really does remind me of the old days when I would spend hours in theory class writting and analyzing chorales, they too ended up crumbled up and tossed. I think that had you worked on finding nice extreme lighting or an instrument to use as a background for the sheet music it really would have added to the shot. But overall nice work
Barbara: Thanks understand the frustration of learning something in music be it theory or playing the piano..

Veloran from Singapore 21 Jul 2006, 03:08
Interesting concept, but the thing I'm wondering most is that why couldn't you find a brighter place to shoot this such that you wouldn't need to use ISO1600 and prevent all that noise? Either that, or why not convert it to black and white?
Barbara: Thanks Veloran..I actually wanted the noise. I did try it in b&w, but it wasn't happening...could be because I can't do that well.

nicole limperopulos from United States 21 Jul 2006, 04:55
this is a great concept. i really like the noise in this shot....i think that it really compliments the frustration that is exuded from the crumbled sheet of music. well done.
Barbara: Thanks Nicole...I had put something in my intro about the frustrations of learning to play the piano and what I wanted to do to the music...but then thought I'd leave it to interpretation. The noise was deliberate as it protrayed my sentiments on this. Thanks for getting it!

debola from Nigeria 21 Jul 2006, 08:02
Love the concept. thought they were shadows from the thumbnail...hehe
Barbara: Thanks! ...can't see the shadows though?

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 21 Jul 2006, 09:19
Nicely done, would have been tempted to go monochrome on this shot.

Barbara: Thanks Prof - I did try b&w, but it didn't look that great offline ...and then couldn't check what it looked like online as I was having difficulties uploading last night.

Andy 21 Jul 2006, 09:37
As someone else who is learning to play the piano I can well understand screwing up sheet music! You have captured the "OK I'm going to try to play the music I screwed up and threw in the bin one more time" moment exactly smile
Barbara: Thanks Andy..though I gave up many moons ago.. perhaps I should go back now with a "mature" mind!

Nike 21 Jul 2006, 10:02
"If music be the food of love, play on" I wish I could listen to some serious music right now - well done!

Hate to sound ignorant but what is this 'noise' people are referring to?
Barbara: The noise is the grainy feel that results from using a high ISO (refers to the light sensitivity) and is required when there isn't much light. The other noise they are referring to is the increase in colour I put in...which gives the blue effect..

Steve from GB 21 Jul 2006, 10:21
Nice shot Barbara. This is along the lines that I was thinking before I remembered I already had one. Like the others, I'm not keen on the colour noise and would probably have preferred a (tinted?) monochrome.
Barbara: Thanks Steve...did try monochrome...wasn't happening

Crank 21 Jul 2006, 10:45
I would have preferred a slightly more sombre tune in keeping with the feel of the shot.
Barbara: Oh so you know Balfe's opera - the Bohemian Girl...Crank?
""....When hollow hearts shall wear a mask,
'Twill break your own to see:
In such a moment I but ask
That you'll remember me,......"
So what mood do YOU think "You'll remember me" is then? wink

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 21 Jul 2006, 16:45
Barb, can you please do me a favour, a blogger is in need of your wisdom at Can you visit & comment smile
Barbara: way though wink

Reza from United States, Illinois 21 Jul 2006, 17:16
Cool concept, wrinkled notes. It has meaning...but I dont know what it is unless it was paired with a story or something. Good potential in this shot.

I like steves PP better though.
Barbara: I did pair it with a story eventually (see longwinded update)...did want to first see if it would be interpreted my way though. Thanks for stopping by, Reza

Visual Vault 21 Jul 2006, 18:53
Hey Barb,

You got your big comment yesterday, so today it's just a short little one... I like it, I'd just run it through a little noise reduction to soften out the grain just a bit, but otherwise, quite nice, I kinda like the blue tint to everything better than the one with the tint removed. It looks like you broke into some famous composer's house and dug arround in his desk drawer for some forgotten masterpiece. Very nice smile

-V V-
Barbara: finally a serious comment - for which I thank you kindly sir.

Reza from United States 21 Jul 2006, 19:42
What I meant was in a newpaper or a magazine. It would fit perfectly right in with an article or something.

Barbara: aaaah...I

deji77 from United Kingdom 21 Jul 2006, 22:18
Ahhh parents. You just have to hand it to them for trying smile
Lovely shot. The noise you added works for me.
Barbara: Thanks Dej..hope you had a look at Steve's processing as well..

Funkazi 21 Aug 2006, 16:03
Like Nike, the "noise" aspect puzzled me !......I thought we could now listen to something (possibly the music on the sheet) to provide us with a multi sensation experience !.

As for instruments ......I can offer you the bassoon with all its depth , the saxophone with all its groove or a baby grand piano . Do I play an instrument ?...No !...but like your parents am making sure that my 12 yr old and 10 yr old children acquire this life skill before they get old enough to rebel !.So far so good as they are on grade 5/6 for all.

Your picture is lovely by the way ; noisy or not !
Barbara: Much as I love them, how did you turn this into an essay on your kids? wink

Hadassah! from Nigeria 30 Jul 2009, 16:11
lol@ ur comment on Funkazi.

Howevr, u made a point with this shot, hitting the right notes et al. creative!

stakilir 14 Sep 2011, 14:04
how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

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